Fifty Shades of Grey Tie
Fifty Shades of Grey Tie
Fifty Shades of Grey Tie
Fifty Shades of Grey Tie

Fifty Shades of Grey Tie

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Transform your fantasy into a reality with Christian Greys Tie. Made from luxurious silver and grey quilting, this versatile accessory is perfect for wearing in public to display your kinky intentions, and whipping off in a hurry for impromptu bondage.
"I do as he asks, and he binds my wrists together with his tie, knotting it firmly. His eyes are bright with wild excitement." - Anastasia Steele

A fully functioning and stylish tie that won't stand out to those, not in the know, wear it in pubic to let your partner know what's on your mind, and when you're alone, slip it off to experience tie-and-tease just like Ana and Christian.

Wrap the ties long, silky length around your lovers wrists or ankles and tie it into a bow to enhance their sensory excitement and satisfaction.
If you choose to play this way, remember to agree on a safe word before you start. Your safe word can be anything, but you should both know it means: Stop!
Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

Key Features:

  • Silky soft tie for comfortable, versatile bondage play.
  • A discreet restraint that won't raise eyebrows if you leave it lying around.
  • Suitable for wear out of the bedroom.
  • A perfect gift for him or her.
  • Authentic Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise.
  • Length: 149,86.
  • Material: Polyester.