Buying a first toy can be hard. If you are trying to explore orgasms and pleasure or maybe just trying to get to know your body and learn how to bring yourself to orgasm during sex, toys can definitely be helpful.

I bought a rabbit vibrator as a first toy which was not yet the perfect one for me. But luckily, half of the fun is the exploration of what makes you feel good and ultimately brings you orgasms (YES, orgasms - many if them💦). My body was reacting more intensely to the clitoris stimulation of the toy and that exact rotating falus did not feel the ideal length or thickness.

After some research, I bought this magical thing, the clitoris sucker (LELO Sona) which I later upgraded to JIMMYJANE live sexy intro 8. Now I basically own most of the things on this site haha.

Therefore, let me spare you a crazy search for information and explain some products and reasons they could suit you.

BEGINNER: I still believe the most versatile and appropriate first toy is a rabbit vibrator because of the many ways it can be used for stimulation. It is called the rabbit because of the clitoris stimulators which make the shape of the vibrator distinctive from any other penetrative toy. It usually has two motors inside, one for the penetrative part and one for the clitoris stimulator. You can start using it with some gentle rubbing all over your erogenous points (nipples, stomach, thighs,..) and continue to your clitoris. Find that perfect vibration level which will make you feel good before penetration. When ready, penetrate your vagina and find the spot (G-spot) with circular motions and penetrative action. Now all you have to do is wait and enjoy your Big O.

Some of my recommendations for the rabbit are: 









LET'S CHANGE IT UP A BIT:  Maybe you already own a rabbit vibrator and you feel like its time to explore some more. GIRL, I got something for you! Honestly, this toy brought me some of the most intense orgasms ever. I was first using it outside the water but once I used it while in the bath... well, let's just say I started taking baths a lot more frequently than ever before. It is a toy that is focused only on the stimulation of the clitoris and does not have any penetrative part. I personally like to combine it with some anal plugs but this is my personal preference only. The magical toy I am talking about is the clitoris sucker. This thing can really bring you unbelievable orgasms (keep in mind, I am someone who has a hard time getting to the big O with penetration only).

Here are some clitoris suckers I would recommend:







Keep in mind, all of the toys Unlock the O offers are the highest quality on the market and the differences between them are not significant. Try to pay attention to the thickness of the penetrative part of the toy and the number of vibration levels when choosing the right one for you. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact us on :

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We are always happy to hear your thoughts and answer your questions 💖

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